The Greek army is about to set sail to a great battle, but the winds refuse to blow. Their leader, King Agamemnon, seeks to provide better food, but accidentally slays a sacred deer. His punishment from the gods, the sacrifice of his daughter Iphigenia.

Genre: Action, Drama

Actor: Irene Papas, Kostas Kazakos, Kostas Karras, Tatiana Papamoschou, Christos Tsagas, Panos Mihalopoulos, Angelos Yannoulis, Dimitri Aronis, Georges Vourvahakis, Eirini Koumarianou, Giorgos Oikonomou

Director: Míkis Theodorakis

Country: Greece

Duration: 127 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Sep 10, 1977

Production: Greek Film Centre

Views: 2.803

IMDb: 7.110 15