Long-time portrait of a turkish Coaldealer in Berlin Kreuzberg. Ahmed is almost the last Coaldealer in Berlin. Since 2001 Volker Meyer-Dabisch is documenting the life and work of the family Özdemir. One marriage, one imprisonment, and much more is narrated, lots of pocketmoney is been begged. Oktay, one of the sons of the family is becoming a famous actor, tons of coals are carried, and in the end of the film Ahmed is back at the setout. His wife has left him, he has got no contact to his children anymore, the Coal- Shop is closed, but two constants are still there: He is carrying coals for some steady custumers and his humor which gives him the power to go on another time.

Genre: Documentary


Director: Volker Meyer-Dabisch

Country: Germany

Duration: min.

Quality: HD

Release: Mar 25, 2017


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IMDb: 010 0