Clank: Legacy

The leader of CIS goes missing. Clank tries his best to track down an arms dealer in league with a dangerous organization while the agents rebuild their former status. All changes when a stranger appears from a shadowy past.

Genre: Thriller, Action

Actor: Pauli Janhunen Calderón, David Anghel, Rebecka Andersson, Daniel Abreu, Feli Cabrera, Emilio Janhunen Calderón, Juan Rodríguez, Lennart B. Sandelin, Daniil Piispanen, Wille Glyt, Inca Whyte

Director: Pauli Janhunen Calderón

Country: Sweden

Duration: 141 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Sep 10, 2016

Production: DEP Films

Views: 1.257

IMDb: 910 4