Mark II

Three Maori youths, bored with Auckland, head south in a restored Mark II Zephyr in search of something different. One of them is on the run from drug dealers, whom he had crossed. Various mini-adventures occurs as they make their way down the North Island, but it all comes to a head while visiting a cousin. Finally, they, the drug dealers and the police all come together, with the expected fights and arrests.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Nicholas Rogers, Mitchell Manuel, Junior Amiga, Joanna Briant, Jeff Boyd, Jim Moriarty, Riwia Brown, Do Kahu, Maria Rogers, Tama Poata, Ellen Te Moni

Director: John Anderson

Country: New Zealand

Duration: 72 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Nov 05, 1986

Production: Avalon, Television New Zealand

Views: 0.62

IMDb: 6.510 1