MR James: Ghost Writer

Mark Gatiss steps into the mind of MR James, the enigmatic English master of the supernatural story. How did this donnish Victorian bachelor, conservative by nature and a devout Anglican, come to create tales that continue to chill readers more than a century on? Mark attempts to uncover the secrets of James's inspiration, taking an atmospheric journey from James's childhood home in Suffolk to Eton, Cambridge and France, venturing into ancient churches, dark cloisters and echoing libraries along the way.

Genre: Documentary, TV Movie, Horror, Fantasy

Actor: Mark Gatiss, Robert Lloyd Parry, Martin Bassindale, Adam Collier, Harry de Moraville, Peter Edwards, Alec Fellows-Bennett

Director: Mark Gatiss

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 60 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Dec 25, 2013

Production: BBC, BBC Arts

Views: 4.113

IMDb: 8.510 2