The Parasite Doctor Suzune: Evolution

Set within a city where parasites rage, the parasites settled into their human hosts and increases their power and sexual desires. Dr. Suzune is a parasite expert who works daily to kill the parasites. A sinister demon organization exists behind the parasites. Dr. Suzune also realizes that her father, who went missing when she was a young child, is somehow connected with the group. Violence and madness awaits for her ...

Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller

Actor: Rei Yoshii, Megumi Kagurazaka, Motoki Fukami, Akari Hoshino, Yukijiro Hotaru, Yurika Kubo, Masahiro Kuranuki, Yûki Maeda, Houka Kinoshita, Hassei Takano

Director: Shinichi Fujita

Country: Japan

Duration: 72 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Dec 04, 2011

Production: Office Hara Co., Showgate

Views: 2.873

IMDb: 2.510 2