Everybody's Got Somebody... Not Me

"Everybody's Got Somebody... Not Me" - Alejandra is sick of her daily life and her past relationships that have not worked out. Then she meets María, an adolescent, with whom she has an affair. At first everything runs smoothly, however Alejandra´s personality and her emotional needs prove increasingly demanding; being around her becomes unbearable. At this point, they ask themselves whether they should continue the oppressive relationship, or go on with their ordinary lives.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Andrea Portal, Isabel Aerenlund, Gimena Gómez, Richie Mestre, Naian González Norvind, Tamara Mazarraza, Juan Navarrete Parrondo, Paola Torres Rico, Luis Andree Arias, Tania Palacios

Director: Raúl Fuentes

Country: Mexico

Duration: 95 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Nov 02, 2012


Views: 0.818

IMDb: 5.510 4