As World War I rages, brave and youthful Australians Archy and Frank—both agile runners—become friends and enlist in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps together. They later find themselves part of the Dardanelles Campaign on the Gallipoli peninsula, a brutal eight-month conflict which pit the British and their allies against the Ottoman Empire and left over 500,000 men dead.

Genre: Adventure, Drama, History, War

Actor: Mel Gibson, Mark Lee, Bill Kerr, Gerda Nicolson, Harold Hopkins, Bill Hunter, Charles Lathalu Yunipingu, Heath Harris, Ron Graham, Robert Grubb, Tim McKenzie

Director: Peter Weir

Country: Australia

Duration: 112 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Aug 13, 1981

Production: R & R Films, Australian Film Commission

Views: 10.978

IMDb: 7.2 10 246